Friday, November 7, 2014


Hey Fam!
So did everyone LOVE conference?? It is always the best!!! I am now in Castelo with Sister Ray (another American!) and super excited to start working here.  Transfers are really hard but always excited because it gives you a chance to start everything all over again and you get a different kind of hope and excitement for things to come!  But I am super sad that I won´t be in Aracati any more... I absolutely loved that area! 
Elder Bednar´s talk was so great! and made me think a bunch.  I thought about how much I have changed in the last year and couple months and how my focus in my life has really changed.  I think that probably I have a lot of friends that wonder why I only talk about religion now haha or probably even my family has noticed that I am different than I was when I left but for whoever is reading this and wondering what has changed I just want share one thing with you!  We all have difficulties and trials in this life time and whatever they may be there lies an answer in the wonderfully perfect path of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I am not here on my mission, and I don´t write home, just to convince people to believe the same things that I believe or to increase the statistical numbers in the church.  It is because I want to share with everyone (especially those that I love) somethings that is very dear to my heart and has helped me overcome the most challenging moments in my life and find the peace and pure happiness that we all want to enjoy in this life!  It is a joy unlike anything I have ever experienced to be able to look back at how I have changed and to see the lives that I have been able to touch.  The mission is a weird thing but it is also such a blessing!  Sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing in Brazil, speaking in Portuguese, walking 24/7 with a complete stranger and talking to more strangers about how to find happiness but it has changed my life!  Wouldn´t this world be a better place if everyone really sought to bless their family, friends and neighbors, or even complete strangers, with someting as life changing as the knowledge of a Savior?  We don´t invite people to change their beliefs... we invite ALL to take their beliefs (whether they be Christian, or don´t know if God exists) and to learn more and test out the truthfulness of what we teach.  
I know that this church is the only church on the earth that has the power and authority to act in God´s name.  I know that it is the restored church and gospel of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  I know that the only way that we have to make it through this life and fulfill our purpose to grow and improve and live with God again is through our Savior.  This is God´s plan for us, and how marvelous it is! Just put it to the test.  Those who have doubts, or questions, or a desire to understand more, or think that they already have it all, just put it to the test.  Ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you! :)
Love you all!
Sister Westover

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