Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Saturdayy... and conference!

The fact that I am finishing my time on the computer on Saturday shows you what my week has been like!  I haven´t even been in my area for more than a couple hours this week.  We had sisters conference on Pday and then mission conference on Tuesday and on Wednesday my companion went to the doctor in Fortaleza, Thursday I traveled back to my area (4 hours) with my companion, ate lunch, and then the secretary called saying that I had to go back to Fortaleza that same day to do some things with Sister Johnson´s visa on Friday morning!  So we went back and figured it all out yesterday  and got to my area today just in time to catch the end of the first session of conference.  This week was a little strange seeing as to the fact that I hardly did any missionary work but it also made me grateful for two things: 1. To be a missionary 2. The will of God.
1. Not talking about the gospel all day long is exhausting (I never thought that I would say that).  I absolutely LOVE being able to focus on other people´s needs all day long and forget my own worries and wants to bless the lives of those around me!  I can guarantee that if you are sad or tired or lonely or feeling any type of weight on your shoulders there is a cure... service!  It doesnt make a lot of sense to put other peoples burdens on your shoulders when you are feeling overwhelmed yourself but I promise that there is magic in service.  When we make GOOD sacrifices to be able to help others we will forget our own problems and find a much happier and more fulfilling life!
2.  I tried every day this week to get to my area so that we could get a good week of work in before general conference and it was really hard for me to let go of my plans and go with what we had to do but I was reminded once again that God literally has a plan for all of us and many times, may I add most of the time, it is not the same plan that we have for ouselves!  If I have learned one thing on the mission it is that you should do all you can, love all you can, plan as best as you can, and then be willing to "let go and let God".  There is no point in complaining or getting upset or sad or stubborn when things don't work out the way that you planned because God ALWAYS has a better plan that will help you and bless you more than your own plan in the end!  So just remember... do all you can happily and leave the rest to Him :).
Love you!
Sister Brittany Westover

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