Thursday, January 8, 2015

One white christmas!

Hi again!

I love you all so much!! It was so fun to be able to see you all and talk to you all for Christmas!!  This Christmas was really special for me, even better than last year, and one that I will definitely never forget! I never do this but just to make it easier for me to remember I will write out the days!
Segunda- we went to the center of the city and bought a bunch of random things in the central market
Terça- we went to the wedding of Renato and Fatima and it was beautiful :)
Quarta- we had a special zone meeting where every companionship presented something special for Christmas (talks, stories, activities etc.).  Sister Ray and I sung a pretty christmas hymn.  Then we went caroling (which is not normal here) with a bunch of missionaries and made everyone´s day!  At night we had a huge special dinner party with Monalisa and George and their family.
Quinta- We went to Monalisa´s again to skype the fam!  and it was the best!! at night we went to Renato´s and Fatima´s baptism and it was really really spiritual and a special experience.  There was not a dry eye. 
Sexta- I went to the mission office with Sister Villagran and talked to president a little.  (He said that the deadline for the spring semester already passed..... and that I probably needed to do something).  But I think that I will visit Brooklynn and Cam but probably I will stay at home for longer that I was planning on. 
Sunday- 3 confirmations! woo hoo! and transfers :(

Sister Ray and Lima are leaving (but luckily Sister Lima will stay with me until wednesday) and my new companion is another American!  President said that I became way too Brazilian.  Her name is Sister Stevens and she is absolutely adorable and way awesome! Sister R Santos is staying in the house and Sister Hart will be her companion!  So it will be good.  Anyway... baptisms on Christmas was definitely the highlight of the week.  It was amazing to really focus on Christ and the gift that God gave us all.  Even though there wasn´t snow, with two bright white baptismal suits it was still a white christmas :).
Love you all!!
Britt (Sister Westover) 

Merry Christmas! and one more Feliz Natal!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
SOO excited to skype this week!  It´s going to be awesome!!  I was thinking like 10 in the morning on Christmas day? I will call on the 24th or 23rd to confirm with you guys :).  This year it is 45 minutes! woo hoo! Because five minutes totally makes all of the difference. 
Lorena was baptized yesterday!  We have been working with her FOREVER so I was so happy!!  She is super timid and the idea of baptism always scared her to death so it was way cool that she got the courage and was soo happy afterwards!  It was a really last minutes deal haha but worked out!  This week Fatima and Renato will get married on Tuesday and then will be baptized on Christmas day!  I am so so grateful to Heavenly Father for letting us be a part of something so special!  It is seriously so dang cool that they are finally getting married after 20 years and want to give a present to Christ this Christmas, being baptized in his church!! ahh the best.
I am with Sister Ray still and we are working with Sister Villagran (veesh a gron) from Argentina because Sister do Val went home last week and now Sister Villagran doesn´t have a companion so we are trying to handle two areas and wards.  After some girl difficulties earlier in the week everything is going well! :) phew.  I love them both and the areas are awesome so we are way excited for the week!  I love you all!! Celebrate the Savior´s birth with love and charity to all.
Sister Westover

It's Monday!

Happy Monday!!
I love you all!! I am so sorry that I am not sending very good emails but I literallly don´t even know what to say anymore!  I am trying to use the most of all of my time but then on Monday I was so focused during the week that I don´t remember the overview of what happened and it just seems like a giant blur in my head!  But I am loving the mission more than EVER!  I love my area and my comp and everything!  It is still hard, every single day is harder than the last but that is how we learn and grow!  I heard a cool quote that says ´´you know when you are on the right road because it is all uphill´´ and that is so true!  Hard is good!  Just keep pushing and kicking and you will get there!  I am so dang happy.  I love December, I think that it doesn´t matter where you are or what is going on... December in the whole world has a different feeling and it is so dang great.  I get home February 10th (will leave the 9th).  HUGE thanks to Aunt Lez!!!  I got the Christmas package and have been LOVING IT!!! :)  Also I just get letters from Ty but Linds and I write each other every couple months (it is my turn to respond) and Ryan and I email sometimes too.  I love getting emails from you guys! and pictures are my favorites!!  I love you tons! If you have questions I will respond it´s just that I forget what kinds of things to tell you!  We are teaching a bunch of people and you can pray for Lorena (she needs to not have to work on Sunday to be baptized or have the courage to quit her job) and Sergio (preparing for baptism on Sunday) and Carla and Vitoria (mom and daughter who are preparing for baptism here in two weeks) and Fatima and Renato (they need to get married and he needs to stop drinking so that they can be baptized!).  Love you ALL!!
Britt <3 (Sister  Westover)

ohana means family and family means never being alone :)

Hi fam!! 
How great it was to hear from you all this week!! I can´t even tell you how happy it made me!  I totally forgot it was thanksgiving until 7 at night and I turned to Sister Ray and said hey!  happy thanksgiving! she started to cry haha.  So we bought pastel and chocolate cake to eat when we got home at night! My weeks pass by so quickly and so much happens and sometimes (most of the times)I don´t know what to say on Mondays but my heart is just so dang full of love and happy good stuff that I just say the same things that probably don´t make any sense. But I miss you all TONS!  I am happy in my area!  We are working more with less actives and recent converts and baptisms to retain everyone in the church which is super awesome!  My companion isso great and living with sister Lima is always fun!  This ward is the best ward that I have had in the mission so I want to stay until the end here!  Yesterday Larissa (sister J Lima) visited me at church and it was such a fun surprise!  Everyone changes a little bit during Christmas time and it is the best feeling ever so I love being a missionary right now.  I love love love getting pictures from you all! (I will send pictures next week I think).  Everyone is growing and changing so much and I am so proud to have the greatest family in the whole world!
Our Christmas conference will be here in a couple weeks and I am really excited!  I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you!!  So glad you all had a good thanksgiving and I hope that you are all getting in the true spirit of Christmas! 
Lots and lots of love!
Sister Brittany Westover