Thursday, January 8, 2015

One white christmas!

Hi again!

I love you all so much!! It was so fun to be able to see you all and talk to you all for Christmas!!  This Christmas was really special for me, even better than last year, and one that I will definitely never forget! I never do this but just to make it easier for me to remember I will write out the days!
Segunda- we went to the center of the city and bought a bunch of random things in the central market
Terça- we went to the wedding of Renato and Fatima and it was beautiful :)
Quarta- we had a special zone meeting where every companionship presented something special for Christmas (talks, stories, activities etc.).  Sister Ray and I sung a pretty christmas hymn.  Then we went caroling (which is not normal here) with a bunch of missionaries and made everyone´s day!  At night we had a huge special dinner party with Monalisa and George and their family.
Quinta- We went to Monalisa´s again to skype the fam!  and it was the best!! at night we went to Renato´s and Fatima´s baptism and it was really really spiritual and a special experience.  There was not a dry eye. 
Sexta- I went to the mission office with Sister Villagran and talked to president a little.  (He said that the deadline for the spring semester already passed..... and that I probably needed to do something).  But I think that I will visit Brooklynn and Cam but probably I will stay at home for longer that I was planning on. 
Sunday- 3 confirmations! woo hoo! and transfers :(

Sister Ray and Lima are leaving (but luckily Sister Lima will stay with me until wednesday) and my new companion is another American!  President said that I became way too Brazilian.  Her name is Sister Stevens and she is absolutely adorable and way awesome! Sister R Santos is staying in the house and Sister Hart will be her companion!  So it will be good.  Anyway... baptisms on Christmas was definitely the highlight of the week.  It was amazing to really focus on Christ and the gift that God gave us all.  Even though there wasn´t snow, with two bright white baptismal suits it was still a white christmas :).
Love you all!!
Britt (Sister Westover) 

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