Thursday, January 8, 2015

ohana means family and family means never being alone :)

Hi fam!! 
How great it was to hear from you all this week!! I can´t even tell you how happy it made me!  I totally forgot it was thanksgiving until 7 at night and I turned to Sister Ray and said hey!  happy thanksgiving! she started to cry haha.  So we bought pastel and chocolate cake to eat when we got home at night! My weeks pass by so quickly and so much happens and sometimes (most of the times)I don´t know what to say on Mondays but my heart is just so dang full of love and happy good stuff that I just say the same things that probably don´t make any sense. But I miss you all TONS!  I am happy in my area!  We are working more with less actives and recent converts and baptisms to retain everyone in the church which is super awesome!  My companion isso great and living with sister Lima is always fun!  This ward is the best ward that I have had in the mission so I want to stay until the end here!  Yesterday Larissa (sister J Lima) visited me at church and it was such a fun surprise!  Everyone changes a little bit during Christmas time and it is the best feeling ever so I love being a missionary right now.  I love love love getting pictures from you all! (I will send pictures next week I think).  Everyone is growing and changing so much and I am so proud to have the greatest family in the whole world!
Our Christmas conference will be here in a couple weeks and I am really excited!  I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you!!  So glad you all had a good thanksgiving and I hope that you are all getting in the true spirit of Christmas! 
Lots and lots of love!
Sister Brittany Westover

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