Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Monday!

Happy Monday!!
I love you all!! I am so sorry that I am not sending very good emails but I literallly don´t even know what to say anymore!  I am trying to use the most of all of my time but then on Monday I was so focused during the week that I don´t remember the overview of what happened and it just seems like a giant blur in my head!  But I am loving the mission more than EVER!  I love my area and my comp and everything!  It is still hard, every single day is harder than the last but that is how we learn and grow!  I heard a cool quote that says ´´you know when you are on the right road because it is all uphill´´ and that is so true!  Hard is good!  Just keep pushing and kicking and you will get there!  I am so dang happy.  I love December, I think that it doesn´t matter where you are or what is going on... December in the whole world has a different feeling and it is so dang great.  I get home February 10th (will leave the 9th).  HUGE thanks to Aunt Lez!!!  I got the Christmas package and have been LOVING IT!!! :)  Also I just get letters from Ty but Linds and I write each other every couple months (it is my turn to respond) and Ryan and I email sometimes too.  I love getting emails from you guys! and pictures are my favorites!!  I love you tons! If you have questions I will respond it´s just that I forget what kinds of things to tell you!  We are teaching a bunch of people and you can pray for Lorena (she needs to not have to work on Sunday to be baptized or have the courage to quit her job) and Sergio (preparing for baptism on Sunday) and Carla and Vitoria (mom and daughter who are preparing for baptism here in two weeks) and Fatima and Renato (they need to get married and he needs to stop drinking so that they can be baptized!).  Love you ALL!!
Britt <3 (Sister  Westover)

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