Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Responsible Ones

To preface: I have the funniest, happiest, most wonderful family that ever existed.  We of course have our own problems and family conflicts but I still wouldn't trade all our bad days for anything!  There are two people responsible for raising all five of us crazy kids and I have a sneaky suspicion that I owe the world to them. 
 I have always been a Daddy's girl.  My mom tells me that when I was a baby I would cry and cry until my dad came home from dental school and she could pass me off to him.  I would fall asleep in his arms while he played cards with his study group, while he took his own naps, and while he studied.  It's funny to think that an infant can have such an immediate attachment to their parents!... especially one that didn't carry them for nine months! Anyway, Dad and I went through a little rough patch in high school (protective father and social daughter don't mix too well) but despite that I still always knew that he had my back.  I can always count on him for a good laugh! It's great having the same sense of humor so you can at least count on one person to laugh at all your stupid jokes. :) 
My mom is so sweet and so fun! It is a proven fact that it's impossible to not like her.  Seriously... I don't know one person that doesn't like her.  She always looks for the good in people and defends anyone... unless they have offended one of her cubs... then there could be a few mama bear sightings.  She will ensure that you have a good time if she's around because she laughs at everything and has such extremely happy reactions... you feel like you are the funniest, coolest, most talented person around her because she builds you up. 
I know I have been so blessed to have such amazing parents... I seriously don't know how they do what they do but however that is, I am so grateful that they are mine!

side note: One reason I do love BYU: Brother Merrill!! Seriously the coolest guy ever.  He is such an AMAZING professor; he knows everything about everything and continues to blow my mind everytime I step in the classroom!  His book of mormon class is probably my favorite class this semester (possibly in a tie with floral design..).  Today he was in such a good mood and he told us so many funny stories and read from his journal.  He advised us to stay away from racial jokes and instead we use career jokes.  As an example he told us a surgeon friend joked about lawyers (Brother Merrill used to be a lawyer): The surgeon said he liked to perform surgery on lawyers most because you could confuse either "end" and they didn't have a heart to worry about. He continued to laugh about that. I think he is a great man.