Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 12: Happy Turkey Day

Oi! <3
I hope everyone enjoys their little break and spends time with their loved ones for the holidays!  So Sammy was baptized this week!! yay! She is so cute and was so excited!  Her boyfriend, Benji, also came up to us after her baptism and said that he wants to start meeting with us! AHH so great! He brought Sammy flowers and it was adorable... but pretty much I fall over anything cute and lovey, being on a mission will do that to ya.  Sammy is having surgery this week so everyone keep her in your prayers please!
This week was another reminder that this is certainly NOT our work and that someone much more important is in charge!  We have had a hard time finding new people to teach and we were really praying that we would be able to find those who have been prepared if that is what God wanted.  So we went to teach a less active this week who we haven't seen in a while and I think that she forgot about our appt.  But she was home and... had a friend over! perfect :) haha So we ended up teaching him the restoration and they both came to church yesterday! His name is Frou and is from Samoa and he said that he had a lot of LDS friends and was super happy and excited to hear the things we had to teach him.  So that was grrreat!  Then, we were on exchanges yesterday (I stayed in the area and one of our Sister Training Leaders came down) and we went to conact some former investigators before our dinner appointment with the Winfields and the one person who we had time to see was totally happy to see us and set up an appointment for next week! AWESOME!! Then, Benji wanting to meet with us was just the greatest news! So pretty much Heavenly Father has blessed us more than we can even say! He is so good to us :)
I was like totally freaking out for our exchange yesterday because I had to be in charge of the area and I honestly have absolutely know idea what I am doing half of the time!  We also had a dinner appointment with the Winfred's and they didn't seem so excited to have us over so I was seriously so nervous! I was praying so hard!  But then I remembered that this isn't a test, this isn't my career, or class, or anything like that... this is my life, and my light, my love! and as long as I just continue to love everyone, all the time, then I am doing okay!  Hank came to church and Frou came to church and we were so so happy to see both of them! I'm the chorister in the branch and my face was like beaming while I was leading the music because I was so happy haha.  Also, the Winfreds appointment went SO WELL! MIRACLE!  Our lesson was on faith (Alma 37:40-46) and how we need to act on our faith and nourish our faith.  Cami was like "I need to do that! My faith is like dead right now and I know that I need to do something about it!" Ahh yay!!  They all were like friendlier and happier to have us over than they have every been and we committed them all to read one verse in Ether 12 every day this week (something that we know that they can do).  They also invted us over for thanksgiving dessert and considering they are the best cooks around, I was not about to say no! They all love to cook and make the best dinners for us, they are so so good to us and hilarious and I just want them to start coming back to church so bad!  Anyway, the appointment couldn't have gone any better.  I just love them to death and want the best for them more than anything!
Random fact: there is a park called Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach that used to be a landfill and then they built a hill on top of it.  Yep, super classy. 
Mom! THANK YOU for the package!! totally made my week!! So I went to our apartment complex office to pick it up and I told the lady my address and she went in the back to get it and I could here the two ladies that work there talking:
"What one is it?"
"Is it one of the big ones?" (YES!)
"Do you think it's this one?"
"Oh it's the one with the turkey on it!" (Yes... that is definitely the one from my mom haha!)
so they pull out this giant package with a giant turkey drawn on it and we all got a good laugh! haha I told them I have the best mom around!! Thank you thank you!
Okay well just know that you are all amazing!!  Be sure to spread the love!  I miss you and love you tons!
Oh and I'm going to Celia Overts familie's house for thanksgiving dinner! (she is like my favorite less active EVER... who isn't even less active any more) and she is living with her brother and sister in law who have four adorable little kids! So lucky! I'm going to be thinking about you all day though!!
          SIster Westover

Sammy's Baptism