Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merry Christmas! and one more Feliz Natal!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
SOO excited to skype this week!  It´s going to be awesome!!  I was thinking like 10 in the morning on Christmas day? I will call on the 24th or 23rd to confirm with you guys :).  This year it is 45 minutes! woo hoo! Because five minutes totally makes all of the difference. 
Lorena was baptized yesterday!  We have been working with her FOREVER so I was so happy!!  She is super timid and the idea of baptism always scared her to death so it was way cool that she got the courage and was soo happy afterwards!  It was a really last minutes deal haha but worked out!  This week Fatima and Renato will get married on Tuesday and then will be baptized on Christmas day!  I am so so grateful to Heavenly Father for letting us be a part of something so special!  It is seriously so dang cool that they are finally getting married after 20 years and want to give a present to Christ this Christmas, being baptized in his church!! ahh the best.
I am with Sister Ray still and we are working with Sister Villagran (veesh a gron) from Argentina because Sister do Val went home last week and now Sister Villagran doesn´t have a companion so we are trying to handle two areas and wards.  After some girl difficulties earlier in the week everything is going well! :) phew.  I love them both and the areas are awesome so we are way excited for the week!  I love you all!! Celebrate the Savior´s birth with love and charity to all.
Sister Westover

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