Friday, November 7, 2014


Hey fam!
One more week here in the miss ahh.  I am absolutely LOVING my companion and my area and everything!  The area is actually really ugly but it is a really good area to work in so I am liking it!  My companion is soo great :) I love sister Ray!  She served for a long time in the states and so it is way fun to be able to remember the things that I learned there and apply everything that we have learned in our two missions right now!  We have been feeling the spirit really strongly in our lessons and it is the best thing ever to feel that God is using you to bless others.  Right now we are teaching a bunch of families... I love this!  Not like huge families but some young couples who don´t have kids or have one or two.  It is amazing to see the difference that the gospel makes in our lives when we create a home that centers itself in the teachings of Christ. I am soo grateful for Mom and Dad.  I feel like I say the same thing every week but it is because every single day that I am here I really am overwhelmed by the grattitude I feel to have grown up where I did, with who I did, in the gospel, with the experiences that I gained. We are so extremely blessed and don´t ever forget it!!
I am really happy and loving the mission! Trying to use every moment that God gives me.  I hope that all is in order and everyone is happy at home!
Love you all!

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