Friday, November 7, 2014

Hi everyone!

Hi Everyone!
This week Sister Ray got sick so I have been trying to take care of her... a missionary without a voice is kind of ironic.  But I am just talking more so that she can rest her voice... no need to worry, no matter how much I have changed there is still one thing that is the same... I love to talk haha.  Except when I get home I think that it will be really difficult to talk in normal english because sometimes I try to talk with Sister Ray in english and she just laughs at me.  I always thought it was pathetic when missionaris said that they ´´forgot´´ their own language and they were just trying to show that they are all cool speaking another language... but warning: this isn´t true.  Not that we forget our own language but we forget how to use it!  One thing that I love in the house that I am now is that we have a shower head outside behind our house and the sun heats the water during the day and at night the air cools down and I can take a hot shower outside! It´s the best thing ever!  Sister Ray is the BEST... I cannot explain how I love working with her!  It is the best to be around people that make you want to be better.  Not just kinder but happier, healthier, funnier, more intelligent, more inpiring to others, wiser, more selfless etc.  Always try to surround yourself with good company because you will be like them!  It reminds me of that play... (thoroughly modern milly?) when the guy says ´´I like rich people.  I like the way rich people live. I like the way I live when I´m with rich people!´´ haha we can apply that in our lives every day!  If we surround ourselves with people who are more like Christ, we too will alter our lives to be more like Him. Something that I love about Sister Ray, she makes me want to be better!
The other thing I was thinking this week is that temperance is a virtue!  We have to have balance in all things.  We need to have patience with ourselves but never get too comfortable with what we have already done.  We need to be humble and recognize that we are nothing compared to God but have confindence that we can do all things with God.  We need to take care of ourselves and seek to better our lives, but also be selfless and serve others in every opportunity.  Temperance allows us to have balance in our lives so that we may continue, day by day, on our straight and narrow path to perfection.  And for every time that we stray the path and lose our balance, the grace of Christ is there to life us up, put us back on the path and make our weaknesses strong! Love the gospel and the perfect plan that God has given us!
Love you all sooooo much!!
Sister Brittany Westover

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