Friday, November 7, 2014

The States

Hey home:)

So there was already a transfer again!  God knows that I need to keep changing I think because he doesn´t let me stay comfortable for too long!  Larissa (Sister J Lima) went home :( because she had already been in the mission for 4 months and she is still going to serve her own mission next year.  I am training an American, Sister Johnson, who has already served for 10 months in the states and just got here to our mission.  She is really sweet and I know that the transition is really hard for her so I´m trying to lift her spirits so that she loves it here too!  This week I was in Fortaleza to get my companion so we didn´t have a ton of time to work but I did have a cool experience!
First, because we didn´t have a lot of time to work it was a lot harder to get people to go to church and so I knew that the number of visitors would be pretty sad so I prayed a lot that God would bless all of the work that we have been doing and help us to have people in church.  When we got to sacrament meeting there was a visitor (in my two months here there has never been a visitor that I didn´t invite) that was interested in the church!  I wanted so badly to talk to him but I had gotten really sick and forgot my medicine in the house so after the meeting we went to get my medicine and when we got back he wasn´t there!  I was so sad that we didn´t get his adress or even get to talk to him.  After lunch we were on our way to our first appointment and guess who was walking through the park in our direction? woohooo how amazing is Heavenly Father!  The visitor, Gabriel, was on his way to his house and just happened to pass the park in the same minute we did!  So we stopped and taught the Restoration to him and he loved it!  If everything goes well he wants to be baptized next week! Pray for him!
Also we are getting to know every single member here in Aracati and I am loving it because there are a lot of people that have fallen away from the church or that just let life create a bunch of problems that they never overcame and now we can help them!  I am excited to change this place!
Love you all!
Britt (Sister West)

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