Monday, August 4, 2014

July 16, 2014: Transfers!

Hey hey!

So the last few weeks have been kind of crazy with the cup and having to stay in house during the Brazil games and then this week we havd transfers and we had to go to the doctor yesterday for my new companion so I finally got to my NEW area last night!  I am now in aracati!! woo hoo :)  it is super hot, and next to the beach haha so a little different as a missionary but I am so excited to work here!  I already miss Paju├žara soo much but I am way excited to have a new area and such a pretty one at that.  Sister Palacios and I had to split up :/ but we finished training and she is totally ready to show the area to her new companion!  My companion now is Sister Mobley (american) and she is already like cracking me up haha so that´s good!  She has already been in the area 5 months so she´s got everything down and she works way hard which is such a great quality in any companion so I am super excited to work with her! :)

It broke my heart a little bit to leave Paju├žara but I know that I need to be here now and I am so happy to still be in the mission... It was so weird to leave after 6 months there and I remembered NIki going home and I just thought how awful it would be to have to leave the mission completely!  One day I can worry about that but for now I am happy as ever to be here :)  When we got here yesterday at night we went out really quick to buy food for breakfast today and a member called our name from across the street and introduced us to her friend to teach!  That was literally the best welcome to my new area possible! haha

I don´t really have a lot new because I already forgot what happened last week and I don´t know anything about my new area other than it takes 3 hours to get here.  But I am happy, healthy, busy, bronzed, and excited for what the future holds! I hope that eveything is great at home! 
Sister Westover

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