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07/21/14: Pay to Pee

Good morning America!

This week was fun! I´m getting to know my new area... that has a church building! woohoo!! and getting to know the members.  The Sisters here a little while back met some young teenage boys (like 12-15 years old) and they all have fallen in love with the church and over the last few months tons of them have been baptized so the young mens program is really big! haha they are so dang cute though and they love the Sisters! It´s so fun to hear all of their stories and how they came to know the church and gain a testimony and they have been helping us out a lot! They go out with us to teach their friends families and want to introduce us to everyone, it is seriously so great!  Yesterday one of them didn´t go to church so we passed by to teach his family (that aren´t members) and to make sure that everything was okay with him.  I asked him how was his experience in the church and he started telling me about how he loved it from the first time he went.  He said his favorite part is the sacrament because it is so calm and you can feel closer to Christ.  Then I asked him if he prayed to know if the church is true and he told me like this:
´´It was funny because it was the very same day that I woke up and I was thinking ´do you think I´m really in the right church?´and then the sisters passed by my house that day  and told me to pray and ask God if it was true and he would give me an answer.  So that night I asked God if the church was true and he told me it was.  So I know I´m in the right church.´´

I just about died hearing the testimony of this little boy because it was so clear to him that God talks to us and hears and answers our prayers.  He didn´t have any doubt that he had recieved revelation directly from our Heavenly Father.  I was thinking a lot about prayer this week and how we literally have the opportunity to talk to the Ruler of the Universe and he talks back!  So many times we complicate things and we don´t recognize the whisperings or promptings of the spirit in our life that he gives us as a response.  All we need it to believe that he will respond, have a sincere heart and an intent to act on the answer that we will recieve!  It is a simple recipe for the best counsel you will ever recieve!  So this week seek out an answer to a prayer that you have been needing to say!

soo the title of my email was my shock of the week!!  We all know how I have problems with the fact that I constantly need to relieve myself of all of the water that I drink.  Yeah that is a rough thing sometimes in the life of a missionary here in Brazil.  I don´t know how many sketchy bathrooms I have used or how many random people have let me into their houses (yes this can and has been used to our benefit).  BUT last week I had to travel from Fortaleza to Aracati, which takes 3 hours and I was dying before we got on the bus so I went to use the bathroom in the rodoviaria (bus station place) and I totally had to PAY!!  I could not believe it!  Literally I was so shocked that I had to use my own money to relieve myself in a sanitary place!  I was tempted to just pee right there because 1. I am poor and 2. this pay to pee deal is ridiculous!  Anyway,  it made me grateful that I live in a place where I can drink as much water as I want and not worry about my financial situation afterwards.

Love you all!
Sister Westover

last night with sister palacios eating cold cereal!  that was the best!! it´s been wayy too long

Last Morning

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