Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 11, 2014

Oi again!
Wow the weeks really are FLYING by!  I think evey single day when Sister Mobley and I leave the house I always say the same thing... ´´can you believe that it is August (the date of the day)??´´ haha literally every day feels like it is slipping through my fingers way faster than I can handle!  But the good thing about that is it means that I really am focusing on these people I am teaching and the service we are giving!
I am teaching a family that I have absolutely fallen in love with!! Her name is Irlinha and his name is Carlos and they have at least 4 boys (there are always different people in the house and I have the worst memory now that I have to keep close to 100 names and adresses and details in my head so I am not sure on how many kids).  One of their sons is less active, Luanderson, and they have an Emmanuel and Lucas who are the youngest boys and absolutely adorable!  I feel so at home when we teach them sometimes I wonder if I really didn´t know them before (but of course I did... in heaven.. so it´s not even a question).  She has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met and is always making me laugh!  Last night we went to teach them because they hadn´t been to church and they were all super sick so we just left a message really quick but she didn´t let us leave without giving us smoothies and crackers haha no one knows me better.  But teaching them has reminded me of two things:
1.  They have a son who doesn´t have a leg.  I´m pretty sure he lost it in an accident.  That is something that has been a trial for their family and especially for Irlinha.  She wanted to know why bad things happen to good people and why this had to happen to him.  I remembered that life is not supposed to be easy!  It is meant to be hard so that we can learn and grow and become something better.  Also there is always going to be opposition in all things. But most importantly that EVERYTHING will be made right through the Atonement of Christ!  Because he died and lived again we all have the opportunity to live again.  All of our natural imperfections will be taken away and Luanderson one day will have his leg again, not just his leg but his body will be made perfect!  How amazing is our Father who created a plan so perfect for each one of us! That is a gift that we will all have, regardless of our life here!
2.  We were placed in our families on purpose! :) God knew what our family would be life, who we would argue with or disobey and who we would ultimately love and who would make us strive to be better.  Through the authority and power to act in God´s name (priesthood) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we can live with our famlies for eternity. I can´t imagine any other life without my family (this past year has been hard enough without you guys) and thanks to God´s plan for us and the Savior´s church on the earth we can be sealed to our families forever in holy temples.

something to think about!  Talk to the missionaries :)

I love you all a lot!!! Hope you have a good week :)
Britt (Sister Westover)

Sister Do Val!  I love this woman!!

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