Monday, August 4, 2014

06/24/14: Daddy's Girl

I know that my Happy Father´s Day is a little late but... Happy Father´s Day!! 

 I love both of my parents DEEPLY and EQUALLY but I know that I would be lying if I didn´t admit that I know I have always been a daddy´s girl. Yes, Dad, i think that your jokes are funny and I was always laughing when I was trying to pretend that I didn´t hear them.  This week I thought a lot about the role of a father in a family and I remembered a lot of tucked away memories that I have with my own.  I remembered how I never liked to drink milk plain but one time I saw Dad drink milk with ice cubes and I thought that it was so cool that I don´t know for how many years I told all of my friends that I only drank milk if it had ice cubes... just like my dad.  I remembered a time that I refused to go to bed (sorry mom!) until Dad tucked me in but he came home so late that I had already fallen asleep on the staircase waiting for him.  I remembered waking up early with Brooklynn when we lived in Texas to eat grapefruit and sugar with Dad before he left for work.  I remembered telling of the the volleyball team gossip to Dad with Maria and we were laughing for hours.  I remembered all of the times Dad sat me down to talk about life and I thought about a lot of struggles and hearbreak that I could have avoided if I had still been smart enough to follow the counsel of a dear father.
I am immensely grateful for a father who always was an example of another loving father that we all share in common, the Eternal father of our spirits, our Father in Heaven.  I am grateful for my earthly father who always reminded me that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father and always encouraged me to reach my divine potential which is so much greater than I ever imagined.  I am grateful that my dad taught me eternal principles when my perspective was focused on earthly matters. Because of recent tragedies at home I wanted to share with my dear family and friends insight that I recieved from my dad about the plan of our loving, all powerful Heavenly Father.

Part 1 (second part to come next week!)
Faith, Hope, Charity and Gratitude-
When we have faith in Jesus Christ, that He lives and that he payed for our sins, that he created the way for us to return to live in God´s presence, we will have hope!  We have hope that despite every difficulty, sadness, tragedy or trial that we have passed or will have to pass, there is a better world ahead of us.  We have hope in a future that is free of pain and suffering.  A hope that is ´´through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the power of his ressurrection, to be raised unto life eternal.´´  A hope that is an anchor to our souls in this storm-beaten sea of life.  With this hope we begin to understand the love that God, our Eternal Father, and his son, Jesus Christ, have for us.  A love that lead God to sacrifice his perfect son and that lead Christ to suffer and bleed from every pore and eventually die for us.  The prophet of the world today, Thomas S, Monson, spoke of this love saying: ´´that love never changes... it is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful.  God´s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve it.  It is simply always there.´´  We can be the angel in someone´s life in expressing and extending this Christlike love.

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