Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 18: January 6th, 2014

Ola familia! 

 Phew! I feel like my email time is kind of a big breath out from the week haha.  We are running around crazy all day long every day!  Okay so everyone had like a million questions and wants to know what Brazil is like and I don´t even know where to start!  But I made a list during the week of things that explain a little bit what it´s like and maybe after a few weeks you will kind of get the idea.

First off I hope everyone had a happy new years!  We had to be in pretty early for new years because it´s dangerous so we got pizza and soda and had our own little party in the apartment!  I live with my companion and another set of sisters so there are four of us.  They are all Brazilian so I only hear and speak Portuguese all the time!  But luckily I am starting to understand!! Yay! I literally felt like I played guesstures for two weeks straight and let me tell you, I don´t ever want to play that game again haha.  Words are just so much better. Anway, everyone here loves fireworks!  So we went to sleep at the normal time and then woke up at midnight while all the fireworks were going off and watched them out of the windows of our apartment.  It was fun but also a little annoying because everyone here also loves LOUD music.  Needless to say, they were blasting music until like 5 in the morning and we wake up at 6:30 so there wasn´t a whole lot of good sleep.  But all in all it was a good New Years!

It is hot hot hot!  And when it rains it makes it worse because then the sun comes out and all of the water on the ground is evaporating and it´s like walking through a hot tub.  But it´s now pretty normal!  The funny thing is that it can be like perfectly sunny one second and in the next two minutes it will rain enough for the next two weeks!  Like literally it comes out of no where and then just dumps buckets of rain.  I already have a tan line from my chacos (Corinne would be proud haha)!  The other funny thing is the busses!  We ride the onibus a few times a week for meetings or to go into town (we live in like a neighborhood and its 15 minutes from the main city Maracanú).  Everytime we ride the onibus I feel like I´m in Harry Potter on the night bus (I think that´s what it´s called... I forget everything from before my mission and now in English).  But seriously these buses are like PACK FULL and they drive CRAZY so we are rocking back and forth and sometimes I think the whole bus is going to tip over!  They fit like 70 people in a 30 cap. bus.  And we squeeze between other onibuses and buildings with like 2 inches on either side!  Yeah I should have no problem with carsickness when I get home... haha.

Every day we eat rice and beans and chicken (maybe beef) and coke!  Usually it´s pretty good I have no problem eating it.  Usually.  So Sister Mometto and I went to lunch at someone´s house the other day and it was the regular rice and beans and beef and fanta.  We sit down to eat and Sister Mometto wanted to cut her beef so she asked for a fork.  The lady was like ´´Oh I don´t have one!´´ and she picked up the beef and ripped it in two (with her HANDS!!!) and just put one half on Sister Mometto´s plate and the other half back on the pan!! HA! WHAT! Yeah rice and beans was enough for me :)  I prayed way hard that the food was clean enough to eat.  

So I´m doing well!  I still have a TON to learn but every day I can tell that I´m growing.  The people understand me so that´s good!  Yesterday we had a bunch of lessons to teach and not enough time so we went on splits again and I went with one of the girls in the ward.  She is like so adorable and is 16.  I was happy to be with her but also nervous because she didn´t know what to do and I don´t know Portuguese!  But we were just finding new people to teach.  So we just started walking around and talking to everyone who was sitting on their porches and it was so great!  I met tons of new people and did most of the talking!  Everyone loved that I was American and could speak their language and they all were so nice!  It was seriously the greatest feeling to be able to teach lessons and hold conversations with people I didn´t know in PORTUGUESE!  Ah! CRAZY!

Well that´s pretty much my week!  Things are going well and I´m learning and growing tons and tons!  I love you all so much!!

Sister Brittany Westover

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