Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week 13

Hey hey! Can you believe it's December?? I can't!! Especially thinking this all started in August! CRAZY!

Life is so dang good!  Sister Jasperson and I are loving life and working hard and that is so great!  Today we went to get our hair cut in the mall (so weird...) and we both got to talk to the ladies working there about what we do as missionaries and just about families and Christ and it was so great!  They totally loved us!  The owner was like "come back anytime and proselyte all you want!  We could use all the extra help we can get in here!" haha it was cute.  We left them with some pass-along cards and our number :).  

So Thanksgiving was great!  The Overt's were so kind and have the cutest little kids and they just made us all feel right at home!  Being with a family on Thanksgiving made it a little easier to not be home.  Also, the boardwalk in Virginia Beach does these "holiday lights" every year and they let people drive down the boardwalk to see them so since Thanksgiving wasn't a proselyting day for us we went and saw the Holiday Lights! It totally made my day!!  Sister Jasperson thinks I'm a little Christmas crazy... but what can I say... I'm like my mom! :)  After the Holiday Lights we went to the Winfred's for pie and they had delicious EVERYTHING! I guess the good thing about serving in the YSA is that you don't have to worry about getting fed by a million people and hating life on Thanksgiving haha. It was a good day!

Sammy got confirmed at church yesterday and her surgery went well!  Also Benji brought her to church and they stayed through Sacrament Meeting so that was awesome! I love our little branch so much I can't even say.  Every week there are more people in church and in the last two months between us and the Elders we have had 6 new members!  It's so great to watch it grow :).  The sad thing is there is always a lot of turn over because so many people are in the military and moving in and out a lot, but we do what we can!  Rob taught the Elders Quorum lesson yesterday and that is HUGE!! I was so so glad.  Rob is seriously one of the greatest people and I absolutely love teaching him.  He has a ferret that he just like loves to death and he will always be like "we are working on potty training" or "when we got back from the park we had dinner" haha and he like talks about himself and the ferret together, it cracks me up everytime.

We had a huge breakthrough this week with the Winfred's!! Like HUGE!! So yesterday obviously was fast Sunday and I really wanted to make my fast more meaningful.  I have been studying prayer A TON and fasting is like a form of prayer/adds to your prayers so I wanted to work on it!  Anway, I fasted for really big things and things that are really close to my heart and I knew that it was going to be a really hard fast... well it definitely was.  I started really not feeling well and was achy and grumpy and all sorts of stuff but I knew that it was going to be hard because I was fasting for things that deserved a hard fast.  Anyway, we got to the Winfred's and usually they like to talk while we wait for the food to finish but this time they wanted to start the lesson first (yay!).  Sister Jasperson and I wanted to talk about the Atonement.  We had a really good lesson and I shared Mosiah 14 because it is seriously my favorite Atonement scriptures (so beautiful).  We talked about how every will be resurrected and that is an unconditional gift given to all people, but only those who chose to apply the Atonement will be made clean and receive eternal life.  So what are we doing about it? We've been given this AMAZING gift but if we don't do anything about it, it's completely meaningless to us!  They all set goals of how far they are going to read in the BOM this week! AH yay!! and Then they said that next week after our lesson with them they will come with us to the Christmas Devotional!!!!! Oh My Gosh!! HUGE!!! AHH I was so dang happy... and still am, clearly :).  So that was a miracle this week!  Mirna has been super busy with school and Niki (our neighbor) was busy with Thanksgiving so we are supposed to hear from her this week! Pray for them!

In honor of thanksgiving I was thinking about all of my blessings and missing home a little bit and just wanted to let everyone know that I'm so thankful that I have all of these amazing people in my life to miss! I have seriously been blessed with the greatest people in my life who make me want to be a better person every day, so THANK YOU :) If you are reading this, then yes, you touched my life and I'm grateful for you!  God has been too good to me.

I love you all!
Sister Brittany Westover

Sammy's Baptism

 Sister Jesperson's Birthday

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