Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week 16: December 24th

I don´t even know what to say! haha I understand why everyone who is serving in Brazil sends the shortest emails... I don´t even know how to explain this to anyone!! I´m working harder than I have every worked in my entire life and I´m more exhausted than I´ve ever been, but life is good and I am happy!  Brazil is crazy!  I´m serving just outside of Fortaleza in Maracanaú and am in a little town in part of the city called Novo Oriente Um.  It is really warm (which is actually a relief from the cold winter in Virginia) but pretty much you just get used to sweating all the time.  The people have very simple lives and are just happy all the time!  I´ve seen some really crazy things (cows eating garbage in the streets, 15 yr. old moms, a 30 person bus packed with 70 people etc.) but the best is just getting to talk to people about the gospel! Maybe because that´s like the only thing I can do in Portuguese haha, but also I think because it is way inspiring to watch them be so willing to grow closer to God and how they just have this unconditional trust in the Lord. It´s amazing! My trainer is from São Paulo and doesn´t speak a word of english but she is so awesome and I learn a lot from her every day!  I´m so grateful to be here and celebrate the birth of our Savior! Reflect on what Christmas means to you personally this week and make a small change to be a little better!
Lots of love!
Sister Brittany Westover

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