Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oi familia!

Oi familia! 

Today for pday we had a little party with our district and played volleyball outside at the church and had breakfast!  It was so fun but I think I will definitely be sore tomorrow...  Who knew that jeans and sports could make a person so happy!?  At least now I know that I have one thing to look forward to in 9 months!  I made chocolate pancakes for the district and all of the brazilians were loving them haha, they may have good fruit but America pretty much has got them beat with everything else. ;)

Funny story... last night we were getting ready for bed and getting our clothes ready to leave in the morning to play volleyball after our studies.  Everyone was trying on jeans because it´s been ages since anyone used them (other than my companion who is new haha) and we wanted to be sure they fit. My companion went to grab a bag of clothes that she had a she started screaming and jumping up and down screaming ´´rat!´´  Oh my gosh I like totally freaked out... it is impossible for a rat to get into our house so I didn´t believe here but still...  Anyway everyone went to stand on chairs or on the staircase and she grabbed the umbrella to carefully (and with enough distance) move the sack of clothes anddddd it totally was a rat!!!  You can imagine how our little condo was jumping with four missionaries freaking out!  There also happened to be a turantula living in front of the house so we called the neighbor to take care of that little guy, he was showering so while we waited for him we stopped the man delivering pizza at the neighbors to find the rat and take him out.  All of the neighbors were peaking out of the windows to figure out what was going on.  The good news is the guy who was delivering pizza reminded me a ton of Robbie (who I need to email back!) and he was totally interested and gave us his address so we will pass this week!  woo hoo!

This week was fun!  My companion is getting the hang of things and we found a bunch of really cool people this week to start teaching!  We are really working to find families so if you could pray for this that would be awesome!  This last week I met the coolest girl!!  She is has 13 years and reminds me a lot of me (but that´s not why she is cool haha).  Her name is Nicole and she is like way mature and was so excited to talk to us about our message. She had the best questions that were like perfect for the lesson and while we were talking I could totally see her serving a mission!  So pray for her too please :)

This is my week!  I love you all tons!!!  

Sister Westover

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