Sunday, March 9, 2014

January 20th 2014: Crazy Week!

Hey hey de novo!

Man it´s been a crazy week!  I can honestly say I have never worked harder in my entire life!  We are seriously running around this little town all day long in the HOT sun!  It´s a lot of work but so great!  Right now it´s kinda hard for me to say that it´s so great because Sister Mometto got sick and I am like right on the verge so I have like a killer headache and then there is a screaming baby next to me while the mother is trying to nurse it.  So yeah Brazil is kinda different haha but it´s good, I promise!  

HAILEY!! Okay so mom sent me some pictures of you from winter ball and I totally started bawling like a baby!! hahaha sheesh!  You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Oh my gosh I like couldn´t look away! dang you are one hot mama. I hope your date knew how lucky he was!

My thoughts are kinda scattered this week but I will be quick!  I am getting more used to Brazil every day and that is a true blessing!  A couple funny things happened this week though: Sister Mometto and I are teaching a family and the dad is literally ALWAYS drunk!  and he is seriously like the most annoying drunk EVER!  He just yells at us and is so disrespectful and doesn´t stop shouting  ughh it´s the worst. Anyway, we try to stop by when he isn´t home! So we were teaching the mom and son and the dad came home half way through our lesson (NOOO).  We were teaching the restoration and it was a really powerful lesson and then he comes in and starts yelling who knows what and is laughing and just so loud!  Anway we make it through the end and ask if we can say a prayer before we leave and he asks us if he can say it (well obviously we couldn´t say no)!  He starts out: everyone close your eyes! He starts his prayer with a lot of hand motions and like excited shouting of Jesus... obviously I did not close my eyes haha.  He then starts praying that ´´these young women will leave their missions and not be so affiliated with their church and put on bikinis and head to the beach!´´ haha! WHAT! Oh my it was quite the prayer... ha needless to say we like ran out of there hahaha.

But we did have a cool experience this week!  We were walking back to our house from a really long day when no one had been home and we were just dead tired and Sister Moetto says to me ´´why can´t we just have a big lighted sign above us and all of the prepared people will come to us?!´´ and literally not 10 seconds later a family starts yelling at us from across the street! We walk over and they ask us to come to their house and share our message with them! WHAT? MIRACLE!  So we visited them on Saturday night and they all came to church on Sunday! So awesome!  Seriously every day just when I am feeling like so low, God just turns around my whole day and makes it so awesome!!  Look for the good! :)
Turns out I can´t send pictures from these computers so maybe one day I will send you my pictures from Brazil but not now unfortunately :/  Sheesh I just have so much love in my heart for you all and hope everything is just wonderful at home!  I opened letters today from Cameron Hadley and Addy!  THANK YOU!  They made me so so happy!! I love you guys!!
Lots and lots of love!
Sister Brittany Westover

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