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Jan.27th, 2014 : All is well in Brazil

Hi hi!  Wow! I feel like this week was ages long and also flew by at the same time!  I guess that what happens when your mind is being totally and completely consumed by something!  And right now my mind is in Brazil, in Portuguese, in the lives of the people living here, in the gospel and it´s just very very busy!  Needless to say I never am on short supply of thoughts haha, I feel like I don´t have enough time to think all of my thoughts! and who ever said that?

So funny story I forgot: a couple weeks ago we had a family in church that we were teaching and the dad is a crack addict.  So it was like a miracle to get them to church.  Was.  We got a call during the second hour saying that Melquesedec (ironic name I know) left church.  Well obviously it was for drugs!  So what do we do? Chase him!  HA!  We literally were running through our little town trying to catch our drug addict investigator!  By the time we got to his house we totally lost him but his aunt was standing outside and told us that he had already come and gone and that when he showed up to the house he didn´t have any pants because he had sold them for money on the street! WHAT??  haha seriously Sister Mometto and I were laughing at that for so long, it´s sad but a little funny.

Yesterday we had a baptism of 5 people!! It was so great!  The miracle family that we found last week was baptized and another member of a recent convert family.  It was so awesome!!  This family that was all baptized yesterday is seriously so dang funny.  They love that I´m from the US and are always asking me stuff about it.  The funny thing is they made the comment one of our fist lessons how crazy that I came all the way from the United States to this tiny little town that we are living in (not even Fortaleza)!  I was thinking about that and how it truly is crazy!  God knew exactly where I needed to come, when I needed to come, and who I needed to have in my path.  So the fact that I am here in Novo Oriente, Ceará, Brasil all the way from West Linn, OR, United States is no coincidence!  I love that.

I think I recieved the rest of the new years letter this last week!  I opened letters today from Uncle Chad, Aunt Cathy, Weslee, Hailey, Blake, Mom and Brooklynn, and the Biancardi´s!  All the other missionaries were like gasping at my giant stack of letters! haha I told them I have really awesome people in my life, I´m so blessed :)

Funny thing, Sister Mometto and I are laughing a lot of the time in the street because we get so dang exhausted from walking in the hot hot sun every day and then we get a little crazy!  Anyway, EVERYONE eats literally the EXACT same thing EVERY day!! haha Everyday we have lunch with members and we have spaghetti noodles, rice, beans, chicken, soda, and maybe potatoes with radishs.  Well Sister Mometto is always saying how she will never eat rice and chicken again because that is all she has eaten for 1 year and 3 months haha.  Earlier this week we had pork with rice at one of our lunch appointments!! Sister Mometto was so happy about the pork that she started yelling in the street ´´hey!  I ate pork today!´´.  Oh my gosh I was dying I was laughing so hard, it made me think of a commercial and really it was just so dang funny that eating pork with rice made us so much more happy than chicken and rice.

My favorite thing is mango!  Everyone knows that I am ´´doida por manga´´  Crazy for mango! So we have mangos, mango juice, mango mousse at our appointments haha I love it!  It´s seriously so good! 

Anway we´ve been trying to focus this week on Christ.  Helaman 5:12 says that we WILL go through trials and we WILL have difficulties, but when we are centered in Christ, when we allow him to be the rock or foundation of our lives, we CANNOT fall!  How amazing!  Of course we will have trials and problems and they will be harder than anyone else knows (they are personal, for our personal growth).  But, when we have a foundation of Christ, we will not fall because we cannot fall.  We will overcome these challenges, these difficulties, the tragedies of life with the one person who overcame all of it, our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

I´m so grateful for the opportunity I have to share this message with the people right here in Novo Orient, Ceará, Brasil.

Sister Brittany Westover

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