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February 10, 2014: Pajucara

Oi gente! 
One week down in Pajuçara! Sister Morais is way awesome and I already love working with her!  Our area is insane, I seriously just walk around all day saying ´´gosh our area is so cool!´´  because it is.  There is one other set of Sisters working in Pajuçara, who live with us, but our area is big enough for ten sets of missionaries!  It´s seriously HUGE!  Also, the church just barely started here so we only have a little group of members (not even a branch yet) and we meet in a school! HOW SWEET! I dreamed of opening an area and just getting to talk to everyone in the street and tell them how awesome the gospel is and then just watch it grow from ten people to a stake one day... well now is my chance! Haha seriously no one here is familiar with the church so it´s way cool because we are literally laying the ground work and finding all of these people who have just been waiting and preparing to recieve the gospel.  Pajuçara is only like 20 minutes from my last area so I´m still in the same zone and get to see the same missionaries and all so it´s great :). Also everyone here calls Pajuçara, Pajubala because it´s dangerous and there are lots of assaults with guns (I know it´s just getting even cooler).  Sister Morais and I heard gun shots the other day and later when we walked by everyone was out in the street!  It´s crazy!  We also don´t have water a lot of the time because of some problem in the city so we have to shower with a bucket of water and a cup. Pretty much this area is like way exciting and I´m getting the full Ceará experience!  

Okay so it´s hard for me to write names of people for two reasons: 1. they have the strangest names here in Ceará and half the time I can´t remember them 2. we meet with a million people every week and people turn over really fast because there is so much work!  But I will do my very best to discern those who need your prayers and include them in my emails :). This week I would say it is Dina and Erils.  They are way awesome!  They have been together for 11 years and have three kids and he has some drug addiction that they really want help with.  They are seriously like so adorable and just want to be a happy family! and this is when I just absolutely love that I get to be a missionary!  Families are so much more likely to be happy, healthy and loving when founded on the teachings of Christ and right now I get to help found these families in Christ. GAH HOW GREAT!  

My thoughts this week are how awesome that we have a loving Heavenly Father who turns our weaknesses into strengths!  Seriously it amazes me that my mistakes and shortcomings, or challenges and difficulties can be the best learning and growing experiences as I turn to the Lord.  I don´t have to dwell on the negative but can really grow and turn these things into strengths!  How amazing is that?  How wonderful and merciful is our God!

Okay love love
Sister Brittany Westover

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