Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mission Week 2: MTC

Tudo Bem! Wow it feels like it's been way longer than 2 weeks!! But technically it's been 17 days.  Thanks for your emails!! I printed them out this morning and read them while doing laundry and eating breakfast!  It is so fun to hear from you all!

Photo: View of the temple from class on the 5th floor of the MTC

I don't even know where to start!  This week has had it's highs and lows for sure but it has been so great the past couple days!  We have been playing volleyball for gym time and it is so dang fun!  Most everyone from our district plays together and we all love it.  Yesterday we played baseball so I didn't really do anything but stand in the outfield and yell to Sister Hardester.  But we are all aways grateful for the opportunity to get outside and play!  My district is so so awesome.  We all grow closer every day and I feel like we are a little family trying to figure it out together.  I have some of the funniest Elders in my district.  When we play volleyball or things with other disctricts they are like dying laughing because of our Elders.  Every day we have a new story or something fun.

Photo: Sister Westover and Sister Hardester with matching toenails and shirts

Thanks this week to: Chad and Cathy and Wes for the yummy swedish fish and sweet card!! I think they are almost gone haha... we all love swedish fish.  and to the McOmbers for the DELICIOUS treats and letter!!  I seriously love the little surprises!  They totally make my day!  I was able to pick up both packages the same day they were delivered so it worked out perfect!  It is such a pick-me-up getting little reminders of love :)

 Photo: Brittany saw Sarah (or Sister Carlile) this week. They lived in the dorms her freshman year and Brittany went and visited Sarah in Hawaii in April. So fun they saw each other at the MTC!

We got a new teacher this week and he is AMAZING.  He is from Mozambique and moved here his junior year of High School.  He was baptized in Mozambique and started teach seminary when he was 16 to other members of the church over there!  He served his mission in Ventura California and learned Spanish and English.  He is seriously one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.  His life is crazy and he tells us the most insane stories every day!  He has such a testimony of the atonement and invites us to repent all the time... repent for doubting God when we get nervous about the language, repent for not using our time wisely, or for judging other people etc.  He says: "Don't you know that God called you to learn Portuguese for a reason? He knows you can do it.  So why are you doubting Him?" or "you are giving this time to the Lord so you need to use it wisely".  I just have never met someone that is so open and excited about repentance!  It's so cool.  He has done amazing things in his life and has the strongest testimony.  My other teacher is the one I have had from the beginning and he is so cool too!!  He served in Mozambique and he also gives us the best pep talks.  Yesterday we all wrote down questions about the Plan of Salvation that we have for him or that investigators might ask us and then we went through them one by one and answered them as a group.  I just felt the spirit so strongly, I started crying because I was so anxious to just get out and teach people.  One thing that is hard about being here is learning all of this stuff and just wanting to get out and teach!  We have such an amazing message to share with everyone and it brings such peace and happiness and love and the basic doctrines just make sense and I know that it is so true.  I just had the strongest desire I have ever had to share it with everyone!!! AHH can't wait to get out of here!

Photo: Classes are taking their toll on some of the Elders

I am so glad that everyone at home is doing well! It was so fun to hear from you! Thank you Brooklynn for doing the blog for me!! I love you!  Sister Hardester is going to send some pictures to you guys and her family.

My thoughts for the week: Prayer is essential to know of spiritual truths.  No one can know God without prayer and no one can come to know of spiritual truths without prayer.  Prayer is communication with God and how absolutely amazing that the Ruler of the Universe not only allows but wants us to communicate with Him each day and tell him what we enjoy about our day or what we are struggling with and what we need help with. It is such a blessing in my life and I know if you pray daily it will be a blessing in yours!  So do it!!! My other thought is about angels.  Our teacher talked about angles and how we are surrounded by angels in our lives.  Often times we have angels in our lives and don't even realize it until they are gone.  God knows we need angels to keep us from turning back, to keep our heads up and our hearts strong.  So I am grateful for the angels in my life.  I want you to know that you are all angels for me and I don't know what I would do without you!  Recap: Strive to pray daily! and recognize the angels in you life!

P.S. I saw Jed this week and that was fun!! I also have seen Irmao Pinho a couple of times (Austins mission companion that visited us) and that is so fun!  I still haven't seen Wyatt but I can't wait until I do! Also the Sister Training Leader that I loved and got close with knows Lindsey and she was soo happy when I told her we were cousins! Her name was Sister Hymas and she is serving in South Carolina while waiting for her visa.  Things for Brazil: mosquito net.  and can you send that other skirt I left at home? thanks! 

com muito amor :)
Sister Brittany Westover

@ the MTC

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