Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 10

Hey hey all you amazing people!

Life is so good!  I hope you can see that. We are so so blessed so you best be sure you're thankin the Lord erry day.  But really.  Okay so something awful has happened, sometimes random words come out of my mouth with a southern accent. What is this?? Virginia isn't even in the south! (Don't tell anyone from Virginia that though...apparently they don't understand their directions)  But if I pick up Portuguese as fast as I pick up Southerner then I'll be doing great in Brazil so no worries!

So my amazing experience from last Sunday!! We were fasting to find new investigators and after church when to contact some people who we have been trying to reach all transfer.  We drive up to one of the houses and park and before we even get all the way out of the car there is a girl standing in the doorway holding the front door open for us with a big smile on her face!  She was so excited to see us and happily invited us into her home (AHH!).  Her name is Miranda and she is 18 (just graduated from high school this spring) and is going to a college near by so she is still living at home.  Her family has met the missionaries a couple times so she knew who we were and she put away all of her homework so that we could just talk for a while.  She is so adorable and we got along so well!  She said she has church hopped her whole life and could see parts of the truth everywhere but also felt like no where had the whole truth and she just wanted to find it.  She told us how she loves going to church and after we met with her we texted her and she told us it was the highlight of her week. Why everyone doesn't tell us that is a mystery to me :).  We taught her the restoration and she loved it.  She said she actually has a really good friend that is leaving for his mission next week. Then on Monday they both came to FHE! This weekend she was out of town but we are so excited to continue meeting with her and hopefully increasing the depth of her desires to act in faith.

Transfer news was crazy.  Sister Jasperson and I are going to be our own companionship and then Sister Anderson (the other visa waiter Sister Missionary) is going to move in with us and her and Sister Gale with be companions and we are splitting the area!  I'm super excited about that because it will help a ton with my language study!! We are all excited for the change.  We have definitely had two companionships worth of work this last week so we know God was preparing us to split it up!

The less active we went to contact...... The family environment isn't the greatest, but I'm so glad we were able to bring the spirit in!  Hunter is the oldest of 5 girls and the others are all really young. The good news is she came to FHE right after we taught her and she is really excited to come to the branch! yay!  I'm so thankful that I'm able to help bring light to people's lives.

on a strikingly unspiritual note:
We found out this week that Sister Gale doesn't know how to plunge a toilet so Sister Jasperson had to teach her! yeah I wasn't going to help with that... sister Gale was like "I think I know how... I've seen it on TV" hahaha I don't even want to know but I kept my distance from the bathroom for the rest of the day.

okay so here is the good stuff:

The most amazing thing that has happened to me thus far:  On Thursday afternoon we get a knock on our door right before we were about to head to contact some people and were kind of surprised because the only people who know where we live are other missionaries and we weren't expecting anyone.  So I answer the door and it's our neighbor and her daughter (who, by the way, are so freakin adorable).  Our neighbors are a young couple and they have a three year old daughter.  They can't be much older than 21 and he is in the Navy. Anyway so it's the wife, Nicole, and her daughter, Leelah and Nicole was like "Hey so we are always running in and out when we run into each other but I just have been meaning to ask y'all what it is that you do exactly?" AHHH I was seriously like jumping with excitement on the inside.  Since we were about to leave we set up an appt. for Friday afternoon and then went to contact our less active. So Friday we go next door and talk to Nicole some more and find out that she has been searching for a church for her family and has been praying that God would help her know what to do for months now and she had done a bunch of studying about the LDS church and then we moved in right next door to her two weeks after she moved in!  She said she knew it was a sign from God and it took her the past 4 months to work up the courage to ask us more!  My jaw dropped I think. So she just ate up everything we could tell her and said that it was exactly what she had come to believe on her own.  Yesterday morning we taught her the restoration and she just started crying!  She couldn't say anything and just sat and listened with tears running down her face. At the end she said "I have always wondered why it just stopped after the new testament. It doesn't make sense to me that God just stopped giving us direction and why he just stopped reaching out to us.  This just makes so much sense."  I was so overwhelmed by how blessed I was to be able to be there, with Nicole, teaching her about this AMAZING truth that we have!  I have been able to know this my whole life and am finally realizing why it is such a blessing that I have known it all along. We are so lucky.  Don't forget that.  There are so many out there searching for the truth and here we are with it!  Nicole is absolutely amazing and a miracle from God. 

Okay well so much amor for all y'all.  I hope you have a fantastic week and know that this gospel changes lives :)

Sister Westover

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