Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 11

Hey again :)
I hope this email finds it's recipients happy, healthy and better than ever!

Another week gone by and we are done with all the crazy transfer stuff.  Lucky we didn't have to go anywhere so there wasn't a whole lot to do other than cleaning and making room for our new roommate.  I can't even explain how happy this transfer made me and this is seriously going to be the greatest five weeks yet.  I absolutely love Sister Jasperson! She is the greatest trainer and I know that she is exactly who I prayed that I would get before I came out in the field!  We are having so much fun and working our butts off all day every day and it is the greatest thing.

I really am short on time so just some brief thoughts and recap for the week!  

We have a baptism on Saturday! I never remember what I write in my emails so I don't know if I have talked about Sarah at all.  She has been going to the family ward for 6 months and just switched over to the YSA branch so we have been teaching her.  Anyway, she is just eating it up and doing so great!  Minor downfall... she has two cats and they both have fleas.  Oh my gosh just typing that made me itchy all over.  Yeah so we had to teach her at her apartment at first and it's like super super sketchy and the complex smells like really strong chemicals so I felt like I was burning my nosehairs and all of my insides just by breathing haha it was awful.  Then one of the cats has fleas and we go to sit on the couch and you can see them on the couch!! and then the cat jumped on us a couple times in the lesson!! Every time Sarah would turn her head I would like kick the cat away or try to scare it and then Sarah would turn back and I would just smile at her haha, it was so miserable.  Typing the word fleas literally sends shivers all over me so I'm just going to say sparkles instead.  Anway, so I don't know how she hasn't noticed the sparkles all over her cat!  After we left we had to de-sparkle ourselves and I couldn't stopping itching!  We tried to get rid of all of the sparkles before we got in the car and then luckily our washer and dryer are the first thing in the apartment so we threw all of our clothes in it the washer before we were allowed to enter the rest of the house and then ran straight to the shower.  ick... the sparkles really got to us so we just got Sarah to meet with us in the church from now on!  Much better!  

Our neighbor Nicole is out of town but she is so great and I can't wait for her to come back!  Miranda has been hard to get a hold of because she is a busy college student but we are going to try to stop by later this week, her friend Derek leaves for his mission in two days!  Sister Jasperson and I  are working with a ton of members this week to encourage them to increase their finding efforts so that we can have more people to teach!  God has clearly placed people right in front of us and we know that He can continue to do so but we are either baptizing or are dropped so we need to find more people!  I'm excited for the miracles we will see this week :)

HUGE THANKS to Lisa Price for her absolutely adorable package!!! That made me soo happy!!! I needed a little sunshine over here :) and Taylor Bloom for her letter!!! Seriously both of those just made my week brighter!

My thought this week is that you can always do better than you think!  Push yourself and believe in yourself!  Let your faith in Christ increase your faith in yourself, and miracles will happen, I promise! :)

Sister Westover
P.S. Virginia is so pretty right now! and here is a picture from Isiah's baptism!

Her Apartment Complex

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  1. Hi! I am hoping to send a Christmas Card and letter to Brittany. What is the best address to send it to? Thanks! Love the letters home!!